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vin diesel: wheelman

\ Character, environment, and outsourcing art manager+director

Based on my reputation for success with This is Vegas and other projects, my jumped on to Wheelman to help meet the game team's ambitious goals.

Wheelman was another huge open-world project with huge art needs, similar to Vegas. This meant that the shared art system - Wardrobe - I developed for the previous game solved a lot of problems here.

Originally developed to be used strictly with background characters, the Wardrobe system's art quality meant that we pushed into creating many of Wheelman's primary and cinematic characters with the system.

A big challenge for the game team was developing enough buildings to fill up their virtual Madrid. My team helped out by creating a significant number of buildings, including many primary and landmark assets.

I handled outsourcing management of multiple environment assets that went smoothly based on my previous outsourcing experience.

All this while working in Chicago, while coordinating with the Newcastle UK-based Wheelman team.