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\ (unreleased) \ art manager+director, outsourcing manager

I saw that Vegas had a huge need for characters to fill up its large game world with. I designed and directed creation of a system of shared character art - called Wardrobe - that allowed background characters to be generated randomly at run-time.

I also recognized that many of Midway's other titles in development at the time would benefit from this kind of system. I promoted the use of the system, thereby reducing the amount of redundant work across all four of Midway's studios and saving $725,846 over 3 years!

Because Wardrobe added so many assets to the game so quickly, there was a push to add even more characters to the game. Faced with a tight deadline, I initiated and managed a big outsourcing effort to Virtuos in China for a large number of character assets.

My environment artists didn't want to feel left out, so we also created exterior world environments, as well as a fleet of vehicles to populate the streets.

And all this while working in Chicago, while coordinating across two time zones with the Seattle-based Vegas team.

The character system, called Wardrobe, generated and assembled characters randomly as needed. I designed the character system to have modular geometry, as well as textures that could be recolored on the fly by the game engine. This allowed a big variety of pedestrians to populate the city and the casinos.

Wardrobe allowed for several different body types, all on the same skeleton to reduce animation needs.

Many of the Wardrobe assets went on to be reused in other Midway titles, like Wheelman, NBA Ballers Chosen One, Blitz the League 2, and even Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe.

Primary characters were also handled through the Wardrobe system.

If you pull a gun out during a party, the game would register this as a 'party foul'.

My team also created a bunch of legal-approved vehicles to cruise the streets.
Some of the background buildings we created to populate the skyline.
Some additional Wardrobe costume combinations.